Psychological support

parnjacko_savetovalisteService description :

Psychologist and certified psychotherapist provide psychological counseling, psychotherapy and crisis intervention with individuals, couples or families (in the premises of the Association DUGA, on the field, via Skype and telephone). Used modalities are constructivist and cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychological intervention, counseling and client oriented Gestalt psychotherapy. The objectives of psychological help are solving problems and achieving desired changes through empathic support, empowerment and changing perspectives in analyzing problems to the existing capacity figures used to solve them. The psychologist provides psychological counseling services to LGBT persons, couples or parents of LGBT people. Working with clients uses the theoretical fundamentals and techniques of Gestalt psychology. Seeks to achieve the client’s raised awareness, better contact with themselves and others, taking responsibility for their own choices and accepting yourself for who he is. This service can be obtained at the premises of the Association DUGA in the time indicated below or on the field at a place and time as agreed with the user. Scheduling of service is obligatory, by phone at the time indicated below or by e-mail. This service is charged at the rate 2,400.00 RSD per hour (gross), if provided in field conditions, the user pays the travel costs.


 Address: Str. 7th oktobar No. 1 Jevremovac 15001 Šabac

Cell/Phone: 015/386-297; 066/20-40-13; 061/6619375; 064/214-33-05;


Working hours:

Scheduling is on working days from 09:00 to 13:00. The service is provided in accordance with an agreement with the user.

Service provider:

1. Jelena Zulevi?, MSc – psychologist – certified psychotherapist (10 years of work experience with LGBT persons).
2. Ana Kujundži? – psychologist – certified Gestalt psychotherapist, 3 years of intensive work experience with LGBT persons
3. Savina Barjaktarevi?, MSc – psychologist – Certified coach life skills based education (2 years of work experience with LGBT persons).
4. Ivana ?vorovi? – psychologist – (10 years of work experience with gay men, 2 years of work experience with gay men’s parents).