Programs of Association Rainbow

Association Rainbow implements its activities through three programs:

I. Program: Social care system in the service of LGBT persons and their families. We accredited first program for educations of workers in area of social care in Serbia, on how to work with LGBT people and their families, and during 46 trainings, we educated 983 persons(38% of entire professional staff), from 146 centers for social work(CSW) in Serbia and also 3 centers for foster care and adoption. We accredited advanced training, according to collected data from M&E system after the basic trainings. We signed Memorandum of Cooperation with 84 CSW and established M&E system with them also. We are piloting combined outreach services, health/social service, and with CSW we established system of user’s referral. Examples of results: we increased the skills and knowledge of social workers in the system of social care, about adequate approach in work with LGBT persons, so currently, it is on level of 78% from 100%, and we will achieve entire percentage during advanced trainings. We enabled for LGBT persons and their families, on territory of entire Serbia, to use services of persons (lawyer, psychologist, social workers) who are educated on adequate approach and working with them. 2014, Association Rainbow had 11 common cases with CSW, and that cooperation was initiated by the workers from CSW. Through the social care system, we helped LGBT adolescent, who tried to commit suicide, to accept sexual orientation, and we helped parents to accept their LGBT children and to accept them in their family home. We also helped LGBT student not to have problems in school. First time in Serbia, after our trainnings, supervision meeting in social care system was dedicated to LGBT persons, as service users.
II. Program: Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD`s). On the territory of 9 counties of western and central Serbia, we developed outreach services of counseling and testing on HIV/AIDS and STD`s. These activities we are implementing inside mobile medical unit (vehicle) and we are one of 7 CSO`s in Serbia which has possibility of providing the services away from institutions. Within this service, we provide counseling and testing on HIV/AIDS and STD`s with rapid tests. Our primary population is LGBT, but we also provide our services to persons involved in sex work or the persons who inject narcotics, or to Roma population and major population. We are the only SCO on these 9 counties which gives support to persons who lives with HIV/AIDS. Our services are: psycho-social support, medical consultations, counseling, testing, peer education, and we provide them through outreach work on field, on info phone, Skype or online. Examples of results: On one year level, we provide our services to 3200 persons, we implement 1100 HIV/AIDS testing with rapid tests, and according the collected data from internal and external evaluation, we decrease risk behavior to 36% of users. For the first time in Serbia, cities and municipalities financially supported one LGBT NGO.
III. Program: Economical empowerment of LGBT population. We are , as LGBT NGO, established our first social enterprise, hostel “MOONRISE” that employs LGBT persons. For establishment of this enterprise, one part of money we collected in our local community and we consider it as big success as LGBT NGO, because for 5 months, we collected 13.310.00$ from companies and our users, mostly LGBT persons and their parents and families, and by persons of third age. Mission of our social enterprise is “Economically empowered gays, lesbians, bisexual persons, transgender persons and their families, more efficient devote for their own position in society and for establishing of their rights. Financial gain is just source for achieving the goal, but not the goal”. Examples of results: In our social enterprise we employed 3 LGBT persons, and that enterprise is currently self-sustainable.