Implemented projects

Tolerant Serbia

Starting date and duration of the project: :01.07.2005-01.07.2006 (12 months).

Donor: Royal Embassy of Netherlands
Total amount of money (in €) request: 8,870.00 €

Short description of the aims and activities:

In period of implementation of the project, we printed the brochures and distributed them to workers of public institutions on the territory of Sabac, Valjevo and Loznica with the goal of removal of prejudices towards LGBT persons and their families.
We printed the posters by which the LGBT persons on the territory of Sabac, Valjevo and Loznica were introduced to Rainbow Association work. We implemented research with questionnaires inside 15 secondary schools in Sabac, Valjevo and Loznica about degree of discrimination towards 5 vulnerable populations, and LGBT among them. After processing the data collected after research, 9881 questionnaires from 15 secondary schools, discrimination was highly expressed towards LGBT persons.
Within the project, we implemented 12 interactive workshops with parents of LGBT persons.


Devotion for reduction of Internalised homophobia

Starting date and duration of the project: :01.07.2007-31.12.2007 (5 months).

Donor: Balkanski fond za lokalne inicijative
Total amount of money (in €) request: 292,000.00 RSD

Short description of the aims and activities:

In period of implementation, we organised 20 interactive workshops, 20 psycho-social individual sessions and 20 group discussions about fenomenon of internalised homophobia and about goal of reducin the same. On this activities, there was 152 LGBT participants and this were the first activities of this kind that LGBT community had on this territory. Participants were from Sabac, Valjevo and Loznica, and for reaching the LGBT participants, we have had big help from our previous project when we met LGBT persons from this territory, and meet them with our organisation. Also, during this project, we worked on raising visibility of our organisations, and we distributed 894 brochures and gave 460 posters.
Within this project, we established first INFO phone line of Rainbow Asociation that was available for our users every day from 15h till 19h.


Documenting the violence against LGBT persons

Starting date and duration of the project: :01.08.2007-31.01.2008 (5 months).

Total amount of money (in €) request: 4.820,00 €

Short description of the aims and activities:

Within this project, we implemented 34 detailed interview with LGBT persons in 20 cities in Serbia, that were victims of violence.
Through the questionnaries about presence of violence against LGBT persons, we surveyed 431 persons in the territory of Serbia, and the questionnaries were collected in ONLINE form. Participants were consisted of: 47,1% gay men, 30,8% lesbians, 21,8% bisexual persons and 0,3% transgender persons. 81,8% participants said that they suffered some form of violence. When it comes about forms of violence, we received next results: physical violence was suffered among 41,9% participants, sexual violence 11,2%, emotional 57,8% and social 17,5%. On the question where they reported that violence, results were: police 0,2%, prosecutor`s office 0%, doctor 17,1%, never reported 82,7%.
In time period of 01.09.2007 – 30.10.2007 we implemented 20 meetings in 20 Police Administration Offices in Serbia. During those meetings with head chiefs of those offices, we gave them educational material that should be used in education of employees in MIA, about correct terminology that they should use while they work with LGBT persons. Also, educational material In short lines talks about prejudices and stereotypes that are accepted in Serbia, when it comes about LGBT persons, and also about research on violence and forms of violence against LGBT persons.
In 1h meetings, we exposed the problems of violence against LGBT persons and with most of the chiefs, we established positive communication. During the meetings, we tried to find out what would be their recommendation as a solution of cooperation with MIA and what kind of educations for employees we could organize, for them to be adequate and usable in practice.


Tolerance basis of stable families

Starting date and duration of the project: 2011

Donor: Ministry of Human and Minority rights, Public Administration and Local Self-Government-Serbia

Total amount of money (in RSD) request: 622.100,00 RSD

Signed memorandum of cooperation with 19 Centers for Social Work (CSW). 51 professionals from CSW participated in 4 pilot training. Accredited first program for education of professionals from CSW for adequate work with LGBT persons and their families.


Training of Centers for Social Work

Guidelines for working with sexual minorities in system of social protection
Starting date and duration of project: 2013/2014

Donor: Council of Europe and British Embassy in Belgrade

Total amount of money (in €) request: 30,000.00€ Council of Europe 14.610.00 British Embassy

During project, 983 professional employees from 146 centers for social (CSW) in Serbia, were trained on the proper approach in dealing with LGBT people and their families. After this training, the first collaboration cases between CSWs and the Asocijacija Duga were started, and over 95% of cases were with LGBT adolescents. After processing training evaluations, we made recommendations for further improvement of the system of social protection for LGBT people and accredited advanced training.

Towards adequate social protection of LGBT people and their parents

Starting date and duration of project: 2014/2015

Donor: Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade

Total amount of money (in €) request: 24.678,00€

In twelve months period piloted social/health service for LGBT persons and their families. Established system for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and referral between CSW and Asocijacija Duga. In period of twelve months Asocijacija Duga and CSW cooperated on 14 cases, also Analysis of Law about social protection was made and process of lobbying for changes and additions of social protection law was started.