Programs of Association RAINBOW

Association RAINBOW implements its activities through three programs:

I Program: Social protection improvement for LGBT persons and their families

Until today we have had educated 1037 professional social workers through basic accredited training involving 146 social services centres (CSR), and 3 Centers for family accommodation and adoption and also with 206 of those who attended the accredited advanced trainings. We have developed a system of referrals and reporting between Association RAINBOW and Center for social work, and in each city in Serbia we have at least one educated social worker, psychologist and lawyer who passed our trainings for work with LGBT persons and their families. Through this program we had together with CSR 19 common cases where clients were underage LGBT persons having problems in their families. This project best success reflects in the fact that no one of these children left their families but we continually cooperated with the family members and these children now live with no problems with their parents, brother and sisters.

II Program: Prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (PPI).

Throughout the year, through this program, we provide services for about 1200 clients We are the only LGBT organization that has its own mobile medical unit and provides integrated health and social services throughout Serbia, including: counselling and testing for HIV and PPI fast tests, psychosocial support, education of couples, support for people living with HIV/AIDS, sending users to institutions where we had educated people to work with them, and tracking clients in these institutions. We deliver services on the spot, through Skype, info phone, or e-mail. In 2015 in Serbia we advised and tested 7.8% of all advised and tested persons in the country although this service is available in 28 institutions and institutes for public help. Our advisers delivered 8% of total number of issued HIV+ results in 2015. All persons who realized their status with us now are receiving therapy and we truly believe that we provided them longer and better quality life while reducing possibility to transmit HIV to others.

III Program: Economic empowerment of LGBT people and their families.

As part of this program, we opened a hostel that operates in accordance with the principles of social entrepreneurship, so that we became the first LGBT organization in Serbia that has market oriented and started to build its self-sustainability according to this principle. In the hostel we only engage LGBT persons who are victims of domestic violence, who due to the economic situation or unemployment could not move and cease the cycle of violence. While they work in hostel they can live there for free. At the same time, together with us during this period they actively look for the employment in order to free their working place in the hostel for the next our client. First time since the beginning of the hostel work in 2014 there work and live the family violence victim the mother of our gay client. Until present 11 persons gone through our hostel who live independently now and as some of them says completely realized.