About Duga

Rainbow Association was founded in June, 2004. In November, 2009 we preregistered, within the new law about citizen associations. Rainbow was founded by LGBT persons with the goal of improving life quality of this population. After 5 years of work and with increasing the capacities, we realized that we could act on a higher field of work, so after the preregistration we expanded our major goal and specific goals.


Rainbow Association has President of the Parliament, 5 members of Managing Board, 5 coordinators of program boards, 8 external co-workers and 39 members;

Rainbow Association has allocated headquarters of organization, where the Managing Board is placed and where is our entire documentation;

Rainbow Association possesses entire equipment and furniture for 6 working places, and fully equipped center for users;

Rainbow Association was given one Mobile Medical Unit(vehicle) by Ministry of Health in Serbia and Global Fund, for field(outreach) work;

Rainbow Association currently has 5 programs of work, from which develops projects;

Health and LGBT

Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI, psychological health.

Safety and LGBT

Reducing the violence and discrimination through work with state institutions and LGBT persons, monitoring and documenting the violence trend.

Support and  LGBT

Developing and providing LGBT persons with services, education state institutions that are important to us, and also the work on reducing the stigma, discrimination and internalized homophobia.

Social issues and LGBT

Social cohesion and reducing the poverty of LGBT population.

Sustainability of organisation

Developing the programs for self-financing and financing from the budget.